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RMDH 2015

Hi my name is Sable.  My Brother, Trevor, was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia or FA when I was 5.  It was very confusing for me at first.  He was always going to the doctor or having to stay in the hospital.  When I would visit him in the hospital he had an IV in his arm and I did not like seeing that.  I was frightened for him and worried he was in pain.   I was scared each time he went to the doctor because I was not sure if he would come home.  On my 6th birthday he had his first blood transfusion and spent all day at the hospital with my parents.  I stayed with my grandparents and with my nanny Eliza a lot while my parents took Trevor to all of his appointments.  When he had to have his bone marrow transplant I

Doctoring her stuffed tiger

could not go with my family.  I stayed in Georgia while my parents and Trevor went to Cincinnati Ohio for 31/2 months.  I got to go and visit once they moved into the Ronald McDonald House (RMDH) in Cincinnati.  It was fun to visit; but, hard to leave.  Sometimes I would cry for my mom at my Granny’s house.  I sometimes felt jealous of Trevor because it felt like he was more important than me.  I would try and help but I seem to get in the way so I felt frustrated and left out.

Trevor and Sable 2015

After awhile I got use to our new way of life.  I played doctor with my stuffed animals all the time.  It was not all bad sometimes it was fun.  I got to make many new friends at the Ronald McDonald House and at Scottish Rite hospital in Atlanta.  The hospital included me as much as they could with Super Sibs.  They sent me presents while Trevor was in the hospital and even made me a book to help me understand what was happening to him.

I want other kids to know if you have a brother or sister who are sick, you are not alone.  I understand what it feels like and how lonely it can feel.  Talk to your parents, grandparent or friends about your feelings. Ask your parents if you can see a counselor.  My mom took me to a counselor and it helped me a bunch.  One thing that helped me was to find a way to help.  I decided to start a pop a top campaign in our town to help raise money for the Ronald

Donating her pop tops

McDonald House.  In June of 2016 I took 17.5 lbs of can pop tops to the Ronald McDonald house in Cincinnati.  I was so excited to pour them into the pop top house!  I was proud and so was my family.  It made us all happy to help others.

Below are some links my mom found that she thought might help you!


Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer


SuperSibs, a program of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, is dedicated to comforting, encouraging, and empowering siblings during their family’s battle against childhood cancer, so these children and teens can face the future with courage and hope.       Click the logo to visit their site.