Why Marrow Man

8 year old Trevor shortly after his diagnosis of Fanconi Anemia the start of Marrow Man.

Marrow Man was inspired by our 8 year old son Trevor’s Fanconi Anemia diagnosis in 2014.  After the diagnosis we were searching for a tool to help him understand what was happening to his body and a way to talk to his peers without them being afraid.  We quickly realized there was not much child focused material available.   Wade, Trevor’s dad is a lifelong comic coinsurer or comic nerd.  He has passed along his love of comics to Trevor and our daughter Sable.  For this reason it was a natural step for us to create our own super hero to help pull us through this situation.  

Trevor with Marrow Man at a donor drive in 2014

Once we created our first draft of Marrow Man we saw the impact the character had on others and decided he was bigger than just our family and Marrow Man Inc was born.