img_3194Ron Harris is a 22 year old Singer/ Songwriter from Good Hope Georgia.  He currently lives in Milledgeville Georgia.  His style is a loose blend of Jazz, rock and pop.  His influences stem from John Mayer, Tom Petty, Dave Matthews, Neil Young to name just a few.  Ron is also Trevor’s cousin who is the inspiration behind the song.

“The Match” In Ron’s words…  Being asked to write the song was a privilege and a challenge. When I write, I normally pull from emotions and personal experience, but of course I always have the option to hold back details or add ambiguity. The challenge for the match was to put myself in a foreign situation, but still capture true emotion– I’ve always felt good songs are born from emotional truth. Talking with Trevor was the springboard that allowed me have a look into the emotion I was trying to capture. I kept coming back to the fact that Trevor’s donor was a complete stranger. And that led to the line “Help me brother I haven’t seen” . That was all I had for a while and then I started to play with the word “match”. The imagery of a match starting a fire.  Trevor’s match starting a metaphorical fire that is his life became the focus for the song. When I talked to Trevor I noticed he was admittedly worried, but incredibly strong and brave.
The song is simple to me, we are all sisters and brothers and sometimes we have to call on each other for help.  Individually we are weak, but through our connectedness we are strong.

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