Our growing line of products accomplish two goals:  they provide a larger platform for spreading the Marrow Man message and they help raise funds for our cause.  Enjoy!

To Download our song “The Match” click below


“The Match”  – is an original song by Ron Harris created for Marrow Man Inc. The song was inspired by the story of Trevor and his blood brother Danny.  To hear more from Ron click here.


Bone Cleaning BBQ sauce – is handmade by Smack Yo Mama Gourmet Sauce company.  It is a Georgia region inspired sauce with a vinegar base and just enough heat to know it is from the south.  To order click here.



Epic Battle Coffee -We all face epic battles at some point in our life.  It is what fuels our potential to be stronger, compassionate and wiser.  Whatever epic battle you are in Fuel for your fight with Epic Battle Coffee: 100% Arabica coffee from Jittery Joe’s roasters in Athens Georgia.  Epic Battle Coffee is sold at our events look for us somewhere near you!







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